WordPress SEO Plugins: 5 Best Plugins Compared (Get Higher Google Rankings)


In this article, we are dealing with the best WordPress SEO plugins for SEO optimization.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the crucial sides of any website to rank on the Google Search Engine Result Page, SEO is the technic and strategical part of the website which involves the technical and content-wise optimization of the website.

So google will rank the website on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

WordPress SEO Plugins are the best way to optimize the WordPress website for non-techies.

But for a non-technical background person, it becomes difficult to optimize the code and do all the staff to make your website rank on google.

For WordPress users, it becomes easy to optimize their website without having the coding knowledge, just by simply using the different WordPress plugins.

In this article, we are going to see some of the best WordPress SEO plugins to optimize your website and make your website rank in the SERP.

These plugins are free for your necessity of use you can also go with the premium version of the plugins it’s totally up to you.

5 Best WordPress Plugins for WordPress SEO:

These WordPress plugins optimize your website such as it reduces the size of the images, optimizing your code, and minifying the HTML, CSS, and Javascript code just by implementing some of the plugin settings.

This plugin offers several settings to make your website load fast, below are the 5 best WordPress SEO plugins that you must try for your website.

  1. Yoast SEO
  2. Rank Math
  3. All-in-One SEO
  4. Squirrly SEO
  5. SEO Press

1. Yoast SEO:


Yoast SEO is one of the best SEO plugins in the market, it has 5 million + Active installations and 27 k + ratings.

If you are not from a coding background then Yoast SEO will provide you with all the simple ways to do SEO for your content.

It provides all the technical SEO standards which are highly demandable in the google search engine and also provides a tool to optimize your content and hence increase user readability and grow your website traffic.

Yoast SEO makes your website perform better in the search result, it automatically optimizes your posts by just performing the simple setting in the plugin.

It has both the free and paid version; the free version also comes up with lots of features that will help you to do with the search result.

If you’re a blogger or have a website that has huge competition on the internet then this plugin will help to rank over the internet and hence beat the competition.

Let’s see some of the features of the Yoast SEO plugin which help you to conclude or compare the different WordPress SEO plugins –

Features of the Yoast SEO Plugin:

As Yoast SEO has several features to make your website SEO friendly and improves your search result in google and other search engine results.

  • It helps you in improving the technical optimization of your websites such as the Canonical URL and Meta tags of your website.
  • It automatically creates the XML site map of your website which helps google in understanding your website easily and improve its ranking.
  • Gives good titles and meta descriptions to your blog posts and helps in the title suggestions of your blog posts.
  • It creates good breadcrumbs so that the visitor and search engine bots easily know where they are on the website and navigate where ever they want over the website.
  • It also improves the loading speed of the website hence more chances to get on the SERP.
  • SEO Analysis for writing blogs: Yoast SEO gives the tool to write an SEO-friendly article and also analyze the focused keyword and gives you a score according to which you can optimize your content.
  • Readability Analysis of the content: This is one of the best tools where the author can see the readability analysis of the blog post and can optimize the content according to their targeted audience.
  • Full language support: Yoast SEO supports different languages such as English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Indonesian, Polish, Portuguese, Arabic, Swedish, Hebrew, Hungarian, Turkish, Czech, Norwegian, Slovak, and Greek.
  • You can also Preview your blog post as it also provides you the Google Preview.

2. Rank Math:


Rank Math is another WordPress SEO plugin that helps you in optimizing your website and the content of your website in structured data.

Here also you have nothing to do with the code you have to just do some of the plugin settings.

It also controls which page you want to make an index in the search result and how you want to make your website appear in the search result.

Rank Math contains all the necessary tools which are required to make any website rank in the search result and can boost their website traffic.

SEO is the constant process of optimization of your website, which takes a lot more time other than creating the content. Rank Math automates all this process and hence saves you a lot more time, which you will sift towards the content creation part.

Rank Math’s smart optimization process gives you the whole SEO power in your hand with just a few clicks, which increases your website traffic.

Features of the Rank Math SEO Plugin:

Let’s see some of the features of the Rank Math SEO plugin which help you choose the SEO plugin for your WordPress website.

  • Easy setup wizard which helps you to easily set up your Rank Math plugin to your WordPress.
  • Artificial Content suggestion: Rank Math is the only plugin that uses AI for best content writing suggestions for creating SEO-friendly articles.
  • Optimized unlimited Focused Keywords: In rank math, you can optimize unlimited keywords which helps you in more traffic to your website.
  • Google Search Console Integration: Rank Math allows you to integrate your WordPress website right with the google search console and see all the useful matrices in your website which saves you time.
  • Google Keyword Ranking Support: With Rank Math, you can see the keywords which are ranking in google on your website.
  • Google Analytics Integration: Rank Math allow the Integration of your google analytics account into your WordPress website and you can see all your website analytics right in one place.
  • 404 Monitor: Rank Math plugin has a built-in SEO monitor which finds the 404 errors on your website and handles them properly hence improving the user experience of your website.
  • Rank math supports the LSI keyword tools integration which gives the variation of the focused keywords and hence increases the website traffic.

3. All-in-One SEO:


All In One SEO is the best alternative to the Yoast SEO plugin, it has a simple setup wizard that beginners can easily understand and set up all the settings related to the optimization of the website.

This plugin comes with all the Toolkits which is required to make the website rank in the search result.

You shouldn’t have to hire a developer for setting up all the SEO settings here you can set all settings in just 10 minutes.

All In One SEO is highly optimized for Google and other popular search engine Algorithms as the AIOS follows the latest search engine optimization standards.

And the best SEO technics to make the website rank in the search result.

Features of the All-In-One SEO Plugin:

Below are some of the best AIOS features that you loved to see and you would just want to try this plugin for your WordPress website.

  • All In One SEO Plugin allows you to set up the setting wizard easily within 10 minutes.
  • It Optimizes the on-page SEO without hiring the developer you can optimize the markup of your website with the help of the AIOS plugin.
  • AIOS plugin gives the true score for your written content which helps you in increasing the readability and user experience, hence finally improving your search engine result.
  • It generates the smart meta titles and descriptions for the blog post of your website and boosts your website traffic.
  • It also helps in generating the XML site map of your WordPress website and improves your SEO.
  • It also helps in the integration of your google search console and googles analytics with your websites, this is some of the features of the AIOS.

4. Squirrly SEO –


The Squirrly SEO plugin is for beginners who are just started the SEO on the WordPress website, the user interface of the squirrel SEO plugin is very simple.

Squirrly also provides all the toolkits for SEO and all the guidance for SEO optimization and bought more traffic to the website.

Squirrly SEO is an AI-driven WordPress SEO plugin tool it gives you a consultant guide on SEO based on the data generated by the AI data storage.

Features of the Squirrly SEO WordPress Plugin:

  • It gives you the simply started default setting which is fully optimized and best for beginners.
  • This plugin comes with a Keyword research tool which makes it best for the beginner as he or she can do all of the stuff in a single place.
  • It also comes with a keyword portfolio.
  • It will guide you with on-page SEO optimization.
  • You can do an in-depth SEO content analysis for your WordPress website.
  • It also gives you a readability analysis of your content. which is written on your blog post and so that the reader will spend more time reading and finding user friendly.
  • Here you can set the SEO-friendly meta titles and Descriptions for your blog posts and increase the SEO quality of your blog post.
  • It gives you the internal linking suggestion and 404-page optimization and many more features for the optimization of your WordPress website.

5. SEO Press:


SEO Press is the Freemium plugin that offers almost all the SEO optimization tools and strategies to boost your website traffic.

It improves your social sharing and builds custom HTML and XML sitemaps for your website. Creates customized breadcrumbs, and adds schemas and structured data types for your website.

and manages the 404 and 301 redirections and many more features of your website.

SEO Press offers many free features which will increase your website traffic and help you beat the competition, let’s see some of the features of the SEO Press –

Features of the SEO Press Plugin:

  • It provides you with the features of Google indexing API and Index now API to quickly index your content in the google search result and other search engines.
  • Simple and quick installation wizard to set up SEO press with your website easily without hiring any developer.
  • It provides you with the Google mobile and desktop preview to see how it will appear on the search engine result page.
  • It also helps you in setting the meta title and description of your website easily and quickly and increases the SEO quality of your content page.
  • Helps you in generating custom canonical URLs.
  • Integration of Google Analytics with your WordPress website.
  • It builds your custom HTML and XML site map of your website.
  • It helps you in the optimization of the images, as it automatically set the alt text, image name, and the caption of your images.

Final Words:

These are all about WordPress’s best SEO plugins, here we have seen the 5 SEO plugins from which you can start your SEO journey to optimize your website.

In the above, we have only seen the important features of these plugins but they also provide you with more features in their paid versions.

Hope you also like to optimize your 404-page error page for SEO read this article How to edit 404-page.

If you find it ok to go with the paid version can, where you find some more optimization features for your website. For any assistance and help, you can leave a comment for us and we will give you the best answer to solve your query.

For technical support and WordPress-related queries, you can contact us.

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