How to Customize WooCommerce Email Templates Easily


In this article, we are going to see how to customize the WooCommerce email template.

WooCommerce is an open-source software or plugin which is developed for small to large business which uses WordPress to make their website.

This plugin becomes more popular for its simpler user interface and easy installation and setup process.

It makes the management of an online store simple and provides many features such as inventory management, a simple taxation management system, and a shipping management system.

The WooCommerce online store is one of the most used online stores that is used over the internet and has a wide range of customization options other than Shopify and other online stores.

WooCommerce Email Template:


WooCommerce templates are the default emails which is sent to every customer who signs in to your WooCommerce store. These default email templates are customizable according to your brand.

You can customize this plugin for your branding and marketing purposes and increase customer trust in your business.

Email is the medium for communication in online stores with customers,

So it is most important to have a good email template to get the customer’s trust and good business conversions.

Installation Of WooCommerce:

To make the online store in WordPress it is a must to install the WooCommerce plugin to your WordPress website.

It is very simple to install the WooCommerce to WordPress, Let’s see how we can install the WooCommerce to the WordPress-

  1. Hover over the “Plugin” option and then click on the “Add New” button.WooCommerce-1
  2. Search for the “WooCommerce” in the search box and then click on the “Install Now” button and then “Activate” to finally activate the plugin in the WordPress website.WooCommerce-23. After the Activation of the Plugin, the WooCommerce setup wizard will appear on the screen, complete the setup process of WooCommerce to use it effectively. Follow these steps to complete the setup process.
    • Fill in the “Store Details”.
    • Industry Details.
    • Product Types.
    • Business Details.
    • And finally the “Themes”.


After the complete installation of the “WooCommerce” starts appearing in the dashboard of WordPress.


and Now we can go through the WooCommerce Email template customization.

Customization of WooCommerce Email Templates:

WooCommerce provides mostly 11 types of email templates for the different types of email conversations with customers and these are as follows-

  1. New Order – It notifies the store owner about the new order.
  2. Canceled Order – It notifies the store admin that the order has been canceled.
  3. Failed Order – It notifies the admin about failed orders.
  4. Order On-Hold – This email is sent to the customer when he or she makes an Order with the order details and the “On-Hold” status will be changed when the further process is proceed.
  5. Order Processing – This email is sent to the customer with the order details and the status is changed when the order process is get completed.
  6. Completed Order – This email is also sent to the customer with the order detail and the order completed means that the order is get successfully placed and the status changed when the further process is get processed.
  7. Refunded Order – This email is sent to the customer when the order money is get successfully refunded.
  8. Customer Invoice – This is also sent to the customer with the order detail and payment information.
  9. Customer Note – Email is sent to the customer when the store admin or seller adds the notes to the order.
  10. Reset Password – Sends to the customer when the customer requests a new password or forgets the password for their account.
  11. New Account – The email sent to the customer when a new Account is created in the store.

These are all the emails that are generally used by WooCommerce stores. And set the way of trusting the customers towards the store. Now let’s see how we can reset all the email types easily one by one.

Customization of the email templates helps in email marketing also.

Customizing the Basic Settings to the WooCommerce Email:

For customizing the Email go to the WordPress dashboard and then hover over the WooCommerce and then click on “Settings”.


After clicking on “Setting” the setting wizard for the email templates appear on the screen.

Now click on “Email” to go into the email section of the WooCommerce setting.


Here you can set the basic customizations of the email template for your online store and make your branding.

In the setting option, you can customize the “Email Sender Option” and the “Email Template”.

In the Email Sender Option, you can set the “From” name and “From” email to make a strong image of your brand.

For example– here “From” name I set the company name to “Kreativo Pro” and “From” email I set it to

This is how you can also set your company branding and wins customer trust from your email marketing strategy.


Now, let’s move toward the Email Template this is also very simple to customize.

you can also preview the changes to the email template and make the changes according to your level of branding.

Here you can Add the header image, Add footer text, Base color, Background color, Body background color, and Body text color as per your brand and online store.


After adding all the details to the WooCommerce email template you can now click on the “Save” button,

or can also view the preview of the email template by clicking on the “click here to preview your email template”.


After clicking on the preview you will get a view of your email template.


In the Email template, you can also change the context of the email according to your conversation requirement with your customers.

Now let’s see how we can change the context of the email templates.

so that we can also customize our content in the email for our customers and established a good conversation with our customers.

Customizing the New Order Template –

In the “New Order” template you customize the Recipients, Subject, Email Header, and Addition content and you can also add the email type as HTML, plain text, or multipart.


After adding all the changes click on the “Save Changes” button to save the changes.


By following the same process as above you can edit the templates such as the canceled order, Failed Oder, Order On-Hold, Processing Order, Completed Order, Refunded Order, Customer Invoice, Customer Note, Reset Password, and New Account.

Final Words:

This is one of the easiest and best methods for editing email templates for your WooCommerce online stores.

This is how you can fully customize your email templates without installing any plugins,

or changing any code to your WordPress website. Hope this article helps you in customizing the email of your WooCommerce store.

Hope you also like to read How to edit the 404-page.

And if you have any queries related to the email template customization.

Then feel free to drop a comment in the comment box or you can contact us for any WordPress-related issues.

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