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Kreativo Pro Journey

5 July 2014

Getting Started

Pankaj Solanki started Kreativo Pro while he was in the Enginnering College. He was also enrolled in WordPress Coding and SEO Certification courses.

5 July 2014

17 July 2014

The Art of the Deal

God listened to the calls of the young Company and we got the first Local Client in our city. Started providing 30 Seconds communication time. HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, SEO and WordPress support was started.

17 July 2014

1 February 2015

Expanding Locally

As skills in WordPress and SEO grew further, Pankaj decided to expand locally. He launched his own websites and also onboarded New Customers.

1 February 2015

2 November 2016

Turning International

Pankaj finished WordPress and SEO Certifications. He decided to turn international. He signed up on Fiverr and got more involved with WordPress Development Community. He started editing Plugins and Themes.

2 November 2016

21 March 2017

Developing Competent Team

We started hiring and developing competent team members. We have 15+ team members now. Regular Weekly-Training is the key to our Skilled team.

21 March 2017

8 December 2018 Plugins

For the first time in years, we started hosting our secret plugins on The focus was always on “SEO, Speed and Security”. Active Installations of our plugins started growing. We got public’s feedback.

8 December 2018

18 August 2019

Top Rated Seller

After 3 years of Hard Work, Dedication and Helping Clients, Fiverr awarded us the Top Rated Seller badge. This was a very Special day for our team.

18 August 2019

20 March 2020

Corona Pandemic

Corona affected us too. We all stood together in these tough times. We started working from our Homes. We feeded the Poor and Donated to Government Funds.

20 March 2020

2 February 2022

Scaling Blog and YouTube

We are publishing Plugin Tutorials and YouTube Videos to help WordPress site owners to Grow their Business Online. Our work is getting popular.

2 February 2022

5 January 2024

Business Growth for Clients

This year our Goal is to help 1 Million WordPress users with our WordPress Service, Fiverr Account, Blog, YouTube Channel and Plugins. We want to help Business Owners like You to Grow Your Brand.

5 January 2024

Our Core Values

5 Star Customer Service

We go the extra mile to keep you happy. If something goes wrong in site, we are there for you and we are just 30 seconds away.

Code Quality

We keep Speed, Security and Conflicts in mind when writing codes. This ensures that you get desired effects without harms.


"Please" and "Thank You" are built-in phrases in our communication. We always keep positive and constructive attitude.

Double-Check Everything

We double-check sites when taking work. We double-check sites when finishing work. We double-check mails before sending.


We keep improving our systems and communication. We have also invented a lot of solutions to help WordPress Community.


If it can't be done, we'll say so. If we are overloaded, we'll say so. But we won't waste your time and trust by lying anywhere.


We reply all messages within 30 seconds. We finish most jobs in 4-8 hours. Speed of work matters in today's fast-paced world.


We keep communication light and fun. You'll be happy to talk to us and we make efforts to learn new jokes here and there all the time.


We experiment and take risks where needed. If something obvious needs fixing, we just fix it. Risks bring huge rewards when done right.

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