7 Best Web Hosting Plan for WordPress Website [2022]


Are you going to launch a new WordPress website and looking for the best WordPress Web hosting plans for your website?

In this, we will see the best WordPress Web hosting plans for the websites. And how to select the hosting plan for the WordPress website which will boost the website’s speed and have very little or no downtime.

Hosting plays a major role in the SEO of the website, so it is necessary to wisely select the hosting provider for the website.

What is Web Hosting:

Web Hosting is just like a storage space outside the laptop or computer with all the equipment to process data and serves the data to the user for their request.

This online storage is called the servers and these servers have all the equipment and tools for storing and processing the data such as the RAM, Processors, and storage. These three components are the major parts of the server.

Servers are big computers that are connected to the internet and make your website online 24/7 so that users from anywhere in the world can reach your website.


All the files of the website are stored on these servers and served 24/7 to the users.

Based on the storage, RAM, processor, and security features hosting are of five types Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, Cloud Hosting, and Managed WordPress Hosting.

Types of Web Hosting:

Shared Hosting-

This is the most common type of web hosting. In shared hosting, the server resources (RAM, Storage, CPU) are shared among more than one or more websites.

This type of hosting is good for a new website that does not have to deal with lots of visitors.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)-

A virtual Private Server is a multi-tenant cloud hosting, that shares the resources but has more customization options. Within the virtual private server, each website has allotted its CPU and Storage.

Each VPS is installed on the cloud and the hosting providers. This type of hosting is more powerful than shared hosting.

Dedicated Server Hosting-

Dedicated Server Hosting is specially dedicated to a single website, here the website is stored on its server and not shared by other websites.

All the resources of the website are used by a single website. The customer gets total control over the computer server which can be optimized as per its use and security.

Cloud Hosting –

Cloud Hosting is different from the traditional type of hosting. Here the web application or website is stored on multiple servers on the cloud.

Resources spread across multiple servers and run applications using the combined resources. This provides more flexibility and scalability to the website and this type of hosting is generally used by big businesses.

Managed WordPress Hosting –

Managed WordPress Hosting takes care of your website. It manages your WordPress installation, updates, Security, website backup, and various task to scale your WordPress website.

It is best for the beginner who has less knowledge about how to manage the hosting and make the WordPress website secure.

Best Web hosting Plans for WordPress:

Web Hosting is one of the most important starting steps for building a website. Good web hosting helps you with SEO and the scalability of the website.

So, let’s see the 7 best Web hosting plans for WordPress websites-

1. SiteGround:


SiteGround is one of the best web hosting providers for the WordPress website. Most of the popular WordPress blogs are hosted on SiteGround web hosting.

It has good customer support and security features. SiteGround provides the in-house cache technology called super cacher, which makes WordPress websites super-fast.

It provides its users with custom cPanel, which is very easy to use. And the custom plugin is highly optimized and improves your website speed and functionality.

It is well known for the best customer support in the hosting industry.

Features of SiteGround Web Hosting:

  • Provides good customer support which is available 24/7.
  • Managed WordPress security and updates.
  • SuperCacher and SG Optimizer plugin for boosting the website speed.
  • It provides free SSL and CDN on all plans.
  • Free backup and restoration for the website on all plans.
  • Provides staging environment and security features for the WordPress website.

SiteGround Web hosting Plans:

SiteGround provides three types of WordPress hosting plans for their WordPress users- StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek.

Now, let’s see the detailed features and price of each plan-


StartUp Plan GrowBig Plan GoGeek Plan
Price- $ 3.99/mo Price- $ 6.69/mo Price- $ 10.69/mo
1 Website Unlimited Website Unlimited Website
10 GB Web Space 20 GB Web Space 40 GB Web Space
Free SSL Free SSL Free SSL
Daily Backup Daily Backup Daily Backup
Staging Staging
On-Demand Backup Copy On-Demand Backup Copy
Free Email Free Email Free Email
30% Faster PHP 30% Faster PHP

2. BlueHost:


Bluehost is also one of the best hosting providers for the WordPress website. Many bloggers and WordPress users use Bluehost as their hosting provider.

It has good customer support and provides free installation of WordPress by following simple steps.

Bluehost provides a plan in which you can buy and host multiple websites. WordPress itself recommends Bluehost hosting to host the WordPress website. Their services are well-optimized for running WordPress blogs and allow you to install WordPress within 5-6 minutes.

Features of Bluehost Web Hosting:

  • Have good customer support.
  • Well-optimized for WordPress websites.
  • Provide a free domain for 1 year.
  • It provides a free staging environment.
  • Drag and Drop website builder and automatic website optimization.
  • Provides free SSL for the WordPress website.

BlueHost Web hosting Plans:

Let’s see the web hosting plan of Bluehost-

Basic Plan Plus Plan Choice Plus Plan
Price- ₹ 169/mo Price- ₹ 279/mo Price- ₹ 279/mo
1 Website Unlimited Website Unlimited Website
50 GB Web Space Unmetered Storage Unmetered Storage
Free SSL Free SSL Free SSL
Daily Backup
Free Staging Free Staging Free Staging
Automatic Daily malware scan Automatic Daily malware scan Automatic Daily malware scan
Email Marketing Tool Email Marketing Tool Email Marketing Tool
Blue Host SEO Tool Blue Host SEO Tool

3. A2Hosting:


A2Hosting is another best hosting for the WordPress website. It is famous for its customer support services and best-optimized shared hosting for WordPress.

The front end of the a2hosting is not too fancy in comparison to another hosting, but what is good enough is its hosting services.

A2Hosting offers both shared and managed WordPress hosting. It’s your choice which one you want to start with and what website you want to run on the hosting plan.

Features of A2Hosting Web Hosting:

  • Better customer support for their users.
  • It provides a free SSL certificate with its hosting.
  • Staging website for WordPress users.
  • It provides free and easy site migrations.
  • It has multiple data centers.

A2Hosting Web Hosting Plan:

Below is the plan of the A2Hosting for more detail about the plan you can visit the A2Hosting website.


4. Hostinger:


Hostinger is well known for its cheap price hosting services with well optimized for the WordPress website. It has well-supportive customer service which is always there for helping you if any technical fault will occur.

Hostinger uses the Lite Speed Cache for speeding up the WordPress website. It has a very simple and beginner-friendly cPanel form where you can control all of the staff related to your hosting.

Here you can control all the settings and install WordPress in a few minutes using the WordPress installer in the cPanel.

Features of Hostinger Web Hosting:

  • Very user-friendly and simple to understand.
  • You can control the version of PHP, and which PHP version you want to run.
  • Provides free SSL certificate with Hosting.
  • Free Migration from one hosting to another hosting.
  • Provides a professional email address related to your website.
  • 24/7 customer support to the users.

Hostinger Web Hosting Plan:

Web Hosting Plan of the Hostinger –

Single Web Hosting Premium Web Hosting Business Web Hosting
Price- ₹ 69/mo Price- ₹ 149/mo Price- ₹ 249/mo
1 Website 100 Website 100 Website
50 GB storage 100 GB Storage 200 GB Storage
Free SSL Free SSL Free SSL
Weekly Backup Weekly Backup Daily Backup
 Staging tool
2 Databases Unlimited Databases Unlimited Databases
2 Subdomain 100 Subdomain 100 Subdomain
1 FTP Account Unlimited FTP Account Unlimited FTP Account

5. Kinsta:


Kinsta is another best hosting for the WordPress website. It is highly optimized for WordPress websites, most of the famous WordPress blogs are hosted on Kinsta.

It is slightly more expensive than other web hosting but it is worth it.

Kinsta offers special services for the WordPress website for scalability and growth of the WordPress website business.

One of the famous blogs ShoutMeLoud is also hosted on Kinsta web hosting. Kinsta also offers many data centers around the globe which are live 24/7, which makes your website super-fast.

It has a very friendly users interface cPanel that makes it super easy to manage your hosting and straightforward.

Feature of Kinsta Web Hosting:

Features of Kinsta Web Hosting-

  • Having a very user-friendly interface.
  • Multiple server locations all over the World.
  • Provides the feature of daily backup and also on-demand backup.
  • Provides staging environment,
  • It has very good customer support.
  • Premium DNS management for the websites.

Kinsta Web Hosting Plan:


Kinsta has many variants of hosting plans for more detail you can visit Kinsta (Click Here).

6. HostGator:


HostGator is one of the big companies in the domain of Hosting. It has good customer support and powerful hosting with 99.9% uptime as claimed by HostGator.

Provides easy installation of WordPress, and extra security features for the website. Provides Good customer support and helps in setting the domain with the hosting.

Features of HostGator Web Hosting:

  • Up to 100% uptime from the HostGator hosting.
  • Good customer support.
  • It Provides unlimited disk space.
  • User-friendly control panel to manage the website.
  • Provides a free email account for the business.

HostGator Web Hosting Plan:

Below is the HostGator web hosting plan for more details you can visit the HostGator website.


7. WPEngine:


WPEngine is one of the best for hosting multiple WordPress websites. And it is especially popular for hosting WordPress websites.

If you want to scale a website that is based on the WordPress CMS then WPEngine is one of the great hosting companies.

WPEngine is the managed host, which means that you don’t have to do anything on the server side for the security and speed of the website. You don’t have to do anything to improve the performance of the website.

Features of WPEngine Web Hosting:

  • Specially hosted for WordPress websites.
  • Offers security features to the website and hosting.
  • It Provides free CDN services to its hosting.
  • Developers tool, staging environment, and many WordPress features.
  • It provides the GEO IP addons.
  • PHP control for your website.

WPEngine Web Hosting Plan:

The Hosting Plan of the WPEngine is given below for more detail you can visit the WPEngine website. (Click here)

WPEngine Pricing


Above we have seen the 7 best WordPress hosting and their features. To make your website stand out it is a must to choose the right platform because hosting plays a major role in the SEO and ranking of the website.

All 7 hosting are the best hosting providers company you can start from any of the above-listed hostings. If you want to grow and scale your website to a large level then you may start using SiteGround.

We hope this article helps you in choosing the best platform for hosting your website. And if you want services from our team then you may contact us.

If you have any queries then drop down the comment in the comment box.

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