6 Best WooCommerce Email Customizer Plugins


In this article, we will be going to see the Best Email customizer plugins for WooCommerce websites.

Emails are the best medium to communicate with customers but the WooCommerce offers the default generic email template. It doesn’t offer too many customization options to their emails. Therefore, to deal with this problem Email customizer plugins come into action.

Email Customizer plays a vital role in making the brand identity. Increases the customer trust in the brand and you can design more personalized emails for your customers.

Email customizer plugins:

WooCommerce Email customizer plugins help you to customize the transactional emails from your customers. Email customizer plugins are feature reach plugins that offer the drag-and-drop feature to customize email templates.

It also gives live preview options to visualize the changes made in real time.

To stand out from the other competitors, the brand identity must be made to boost business growth. Makes a beautiful email template that grabs the customer’s attention toward your product and ends the communication gap between the customer and the store.

Good email design helps to improve the readability of the email, you could also add seasonal products to email templates to boost sales. All this customization can be possible by using the Email customization plugins.

Before installing any plugin on a WordPress website, it is also necessary to check whether the plugin is best to use or not.

Now, you don’t need to worry about all these problems, here we come up with deep research and testing of the plugins.

Let’s see the best Email customization plugins-

6 Best Email customization plugins:

The following are the best Email customization plugins:

  1. Kadence WooCommerce Email Designer
  2. Decorator
  3. Metorik
  4. Email Customizer for WooCommerce
  5. YayMail
  6. MailPoet

1. Kadence WooCommerce Email Designer:


Kadence Woo Email Designer is the best email customizer for the default WooCommerce email.

Edit the design of the email for your customers according to your branding. And increases customer trust in your brand.

Customize the text (including body text) or each email template in WooCommerce without editing the code.

Features of Kadence Woo Email Designer:

  • Live preview your email design using the plugin.
  • You can import the pre-built email designs to get started.
  • It customizes the emails to match your brand style.
  • Import and export the setting with ease.
  • Make an impression with your customers and represent your brand well by customizing your WooCommerce email design.
  • Must have a plugin for branding and increasing the brand value.

2. Decorator:


Decorator is the WordPress plugin that allows you to customize the WooCommerce email templates.

This plugin helps you to fully change the default email template of WooCommerce and makes them align with your brand identity. It gives you the freedom to change the default email to the branded one.

The plugin offers different edit options such as changing the Header, Email content, color, heading, logo, and footer. you can also add the link to your business’s social media and many more customization features.

It also allows you to add the shortcode to emails for showing the customer details such as the name order, date, address, and more.

Features of Decorator Plugin:

  • It can edit the content of emails such as the subject, heading, subtitle, and body text can also be edited as per the need.
  • You can edit the default email of all types in WooCommerce and send them as per the order status.
  • Add your brand logo to your email template.
  • You can insert the social media handles into the email template, links, URLs, titles, and many other links.
  • It allows you to easily customize all the default emails with a single click.

3. Metorik:


Metorik is also the plugin for email customizations and an email automation tool to boost the email marketing of your business.

It also has the feature of automation which meets the current industry demand and makes the attractive email within a minute.

It also has a report dashboard form where you can analyze the email reports and manage your email campaigns.

Features of Metorik Plugin:

  • It provides the email report with blazing-fast speed.
  • Easy customization of the email templates.
  • You can send an automated email to your customers.
  • Metorik integrates with your existing support system to show customer data right alongside support tickets.
  • It also provides google analytics integration.

4. Email Customizer for WooCommerce:

email customizer for woocommerce

Email Customizer for WooCommerce by ThemeHigh is one of the popular email customizer plugins in the market. It has 9,000 + active installations with a rating of 4.2 stars.

The Plugin allows you to customize the transactional email with an attractive template that will make your business stand out from the other business. Email Customizer for WooCommerce helps you to add customized text, images, Subjects, URLs, and many more.

It makes your email template precise and makes it easy to understand for the customer that will match your brand theme and style.

Features of Email Customizer for WooCommerce:

  • It offers 11 email templates that you can use for your business.
  • Provides the drag and drop feature to edit the email template.
  • Offers users, a friendly email builder.
  • Add multiple elements to your email templates such as text, images, links, URLs, GIFs, and many other elements.
  • Provides the feature of importing and export of email templates.
  • It is compatible with many other WooCommerce plugins such as YITH WooCommerce Gifts cards and more.

5. YayMail:


YayMail is the visual email customizer and builder for the WooCommerce store with an active installation of 20,000 + made by YayCommerce.

It has the drag and drops email template builder that makes it easy for the beginner to use and helps in making engaging communication with their customers.

YayMail is similar to the Gutenberg editor and Elementor page builder, which is also one of the plus points for YayMail in sense of the user-friendly builder.

Provides the features of a conditional emailing function so that you can send the email if the customer does some action of your WooCommerce store.

Features of YayMail Plugin:

  • YayMail free version allows you to add unlimited elements to create HTML email templates.
  • Drag and Drop an email template builder.
  • You can edit everything such as the email header, email body, visual footer, signature, and social handle. All these things will match your brand theme and style.
  • Allows you to add the shortcode for more customization of the email templates.
  • Fully customize the 11 WooCommerce templates from the YayMail plugin.
  • Also provides the block elements to enhance your email design.

6. MailPoet:


MailPoet is also one of the best Email Customizer plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce websites. It has more than 6 lakhs + active installations and a good rating on wordpress.org.

By using this plugin you can create intuitive and beautiful email designs and templates for your brand. And you can also handle your email campaign within the WordPress dashboard by just using the MailPoet plugin.

You can Promote your business, sell more products, and enhance your customer service with MailPoet’s WooCommerce features.

Features of MailPoet Plugin:

  • Customize your email template using MailPoet in a few steps.
  • You can also create the newsletter and newsletter subscribers from your WordPress dashboard.
  • Create automatic emails to send new post notifications.
  • Easily customize transactional emails by using the MailPoet plugin.
  • Google Analytics integration and many more features.
  • Also provides automatic email-sending functionality to your WooCommerce store.


Emails are the major medium for communication with online stores with their customers, therefore it is necessary to design attractive and user-friendly emails to engage with your customers.

Here we have discussed the 6 best Email customizer plugins which help in boosting your business and set your brand identity. So that it will help you in gaining the customer’s trust and faith.

The above list of plugins may help you in choosing the best plugin. As this article takes a lot of research and testing to come up with this list of plugins.

And don’t forget to comment to us on which email customizer plugin you are going to use. Hope this article helps you in choosing the right plugin.

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