5 Best WordPress Membership Plugins for 2022


Are you looking for the best WordPress Membership Plugins?

WordPress Membership Plugins are one of the best options to monetize website content. So, it is necessary to select the best platform which makes the WordPress website a good membership platform. The platform should be user-friendly and easy to register.

In this article, we will discuss the 5 Best WordPress Membership Plugins which add the functionality of a membership website. So that the user who wants to access the premium content from the website, can register and pay the amount for the content.

For the best membership plugin what things, we should look for?

In the WordPress plugin directory, there are a thousand plugins available. But there are only a few plugins available that give all the necessary features for a membership website.

Now in this article, I show you some best membership plugins which make you earn more money from your WordPress website.

So, let’s get started.

Advantages of Creating the Membership Website:

The best advantage of creating a membership website is that you will become able to monetize the contents of the website.

If you want to sell online courses, and provide support, forums, and services then having a membership website is more effective. A membership site gives you the feature to limit the content to access only to paid users.

Some of the Advantages of creating the membership website –


It’s everyone’s goal to earn money but it should be in a good manner. By having a good user base, you will get more people and you get the recurring money.

Users only get access when they paid for accessing the premium content by registering. They get login access after the successful payment to your website.

Build Email List:

When the user gets registered to your website, they give the email address. This email address is the genuine user which has a lot of potential to give you conversions.

And for small businesses, it is a very good strategy to improve their email marketing campaign. They are the active members which are added to the email list and respond to your email.

Loyal fanbase:

The users who have paid for the content which you have provided on your website. They have trust in your website and believe and results in the long run profits.

As they start recommending to the other people also, about your product and services. Which is one of the best things for growing the business.

These are some of the major advantages of creating a membership website. Which helps you in building your brand and authority in your domain.

Choosing the Best WordPress Membership Plugins:

For making the best membership site, it is a must that you should have the proper plugin which will do all the job.

Areas on which you should take care before selecting the plugins-

  • Compatibility: The plugin which you have selected it should be compatible with the version of the WordPress which you are using. It should be compatible with the theme and another plugin.
  • Features: There are many plugins that provide all the features which the membership site has. So carefully choose the right plugin that provides all the features to your website.

The features that you should look at before creating a membership site-

  1. Member management features
  2. Email marketing tools
  3. Support for the forum and live chats
  4. Easy digital downloads
  5. Content drip functionality
  6. Course-building tools
  7. Multi-level subscription
  8. Coupons and discount
  9. Recurring subscriptions
  10. Design templates and other design features

Also, have a clear idea of what type of website you want to make. According to that choose the best plugin which meets the whole requirement of the website.

From here you will clear all your doubts about the WordPress Membership Plugins. Now let’s see the best plugins which you can use for making the membership site.

5 Best WordPress Membership Plugins:

Below are the 5 best WordPress Membership Plugins which we are going to see with their features-

1. MemberPress:


MemberPress is one of the best membership plugins available for WordPress users. It is the paid plugin that offers many features which are required by the membership site.

With the MemberPress plugin, you can sell online courses, control who sees your content, and digital downloads.

And also accept payments from cards and digital wallets securely to your website which is easy to set up.

Features of MemberPress Plugin:

  • Easy Set up: Easy setup of the plugin. After a few clicks of the installation process, create the level of the subscription plan and then start sending the joining request to the users.
  • Paywall Power: It gives you the feature, where you get some sections of the website behind the wall. So that only authorized users can access the content of the website.
  • Online Courses: It provides a great LMS feature. If you are a content creator for teaching then it’s the best thing where you get all the tools related to the LMS (Learning Management System). It becomes easy for anyone to build and sell online courses.
  • Coupons: Create customizable coupons to make the customers come back. Can control the time of expiration and the number of users of the coupons.
  • Drip Content: You can control the timed access of content to the users. And content access expiration gives you total control.
  • Payment Gateways: Easily integrate the right payment gateways to your website. You can accept Apple pay, Google wallet, Credit cards, and even checks.


The pricing of the MemberPress Plugin is given above.

2. LearnDash:


LearnDash is also one of the best membership plugins. This plugin provides great features to the Learning Management System.

And provides every feature which is required to run the membership website. This plugin mostly targets people, who want to sell online courses on their website.

So that they can provide premium values to their users.

Features of the LearnDash Plugin:

  • Well Structured: It provides the feature to deliver well-structured content to your users. Here you can structure the content in terms of the courses, sections, lessons, and then topic.
  • Set Pricing Model: you can set different pricing models for your users to access the premium content of your website.
  • Payment Gateways: For your users, you can set up any payment method on your website. So that the user can pay money easily.
  • Renewal Reminders: Automatically send users renewal reminders, so that they will never forget to renew their subscription plan.
  • Easy Set up: Easy setup by just following the three setup process. Use the onboarding setup wizard to get started, select the beautiful customizable theme, and then finally launch your online course.
  • Drip-Feed Content: Automatically deliver content according to a predefined schedule, at the exact time when your students should receive it. Add a notification e-mail to be delivered at the same time.
  • User Management: It provides robust user management to control how a user can access a particular section of the website.
  • Tools for Online courses: Provides the best tools for making online courses.


The pricing of the LearnDash Plugin is given above.

3. Teachable:


Teachable is also the best plugin for selling online courses and making membership websites. This plugin packs all the features which a membership plugin has.

Here you can easily manage the user, build the course and sell it. It provides all the tools from email marketing to payment gateways for the growth of your business.

Features of the Teachable Plugin:

  • Includes all the tools for making a great product for selling on the website.
  • Easy to set up: This takes a few steps to complete the setup of the plugin.
  • Take your business to greater heights—whether that’s through growing your audience or finding new ways to generate revenue.
  • Management: Provides all the best tools to manage your business. Automates the tedious work so that you can focus more on the practical work which grows your business.
  • Provides a good support team when you get stuck to the technical aspects of your website and the plugins.
  • Marketing Tool: Provides the best tools which are required to boost your sales. Email marketing tool to make more conversions through email marketing campaigns.
  • Drip Content: It also provides drip content management for your content. So that the users access the content according to time and level.


The Pricing of the Teachable Plugin is given above.

4. s2Member:


s2Member plugin is one of the best membership plugins which also comes with a premium version.

This plugin also has the free version also for better features you can switch to the premium version. By using the s2Member plugin you can sell digital as well as physical products as well.

S2Member protects your post, pages, Tags, Category, and even many portions of the website. You can only give access to the authorized users of the website.

This is highly extensible and easy to configure for the WordPress website.

Features of the s2Member plugin:

  • Easy: Easy to Configure and extensible.
  • Payment: Integrate with Stripe, PayPal Standard, PayPal Pro, Authorize.net, and Click bank too.
  • Support & Documentation: With 1000’s customers, an intelligent open community, comprehensive documentation, video tutorials, APIs, the s2Member Codex, KB articles, and over 50,000 forum posts.
  • Content Restriction Option: You can restrict the content, and set whom to show the content and for how much period of time.
  • Drip Content: Level-wise content access to the user. So that they can complete one level to access the other one.
  • Coupon Code Configuration: s2Member Pro tracks the total number of times that each Coupon Code is used. This information is displayed alongside each Coupon Code in your WordPress Dashboard.
  • Email Marketing Tool: Using this plugin you will get the email marketing tool to build the email list. And improve your email marketing campaign.


The Pricing of the s2Member Plugin is given above.

5. MemberMouse:


MemberMouse is also one of the best Membership plugins which you should try. It helps you to make your WordPress website into a membership site.

Access controls your website content to your users and you can also sell the online courses.

By using this plugin, you can sell the courses, give subscription-based access to your content, and many more customization access to your content.

Feature of MemberMouse Plugin:

  • Easy Installation: MemberMouse Plugin is easy to install and use. This very flexible and powerful plugin.
  • Sell Products: Easily sell your digital and online courses.
  • Content Protect Full control over the content and access control to protect the content.
  • Custom Dashboard: Create your custom dashboard to track the performance of your conversion and content.
  • Member Management: Manage the member of your site using the member management tools in the plugin.
  • Automation: Automate your website, how to give the content access, and work more on the strategic part of the business growth.


The Pricing of the MemberMouse Plugin is given above.

Final Words:

Above are the best plugin for creating the membership website. All 5 plugins are best it is up to you which plugin would you like to create the membership website.

Those five plugins come with all the features which a membership site should have to boost business growth. And if you have any query related to the membership plugin then drop the comment in the comment box.

If you already have the membership site and want technical help and support then you may contact us.

We would happy to help you.


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