WordPress Security: 5 Best Plugins Tested on Live Sites


Here we deal with WordPress security plugins that are tested on live sites.

In the world of the Internet, security is the main concern in terms of data leakage and privacy protection.

To make your website secure and safe from hackers and malicious codes with theft of data and breakage of website.

You should have to implement some of the best security measures to protect your website from hackers and secure your website from any external damage.

As we are going to see WordPress security measures and the right ways to protect them from hackers using WordPress plugins and how to take such precautions to protect your website.

WordPress is a very powerful Content Management Software (CMS) and powers nearly 40% of websites on the internet.

As it is open-source software and has a high risk of getting hacked by hackers, WordPress has high-security measures and is made on high software standards.

In this article, we’ll get into the details of WordPress’s best security plugins to make our WordPress website more secure and have the least risk of getting hacked.

WordPress Security Issues:

WordPress is made in such a secure way and it is safe and secure in comparison to other CMS but it is also vulnerable to attacks from hackers.

Many WordPress security issues are always targeted by cyberattacks, Let’s see one by one some of the security breaches which we should take care of to make our website fully secure.

Brute force login attempt-

A brute force attack is a simple type of attack in a cyber attack in this attack the hacker targets the system and uses the automatic matching of users’ IDs and passwords in a single attempt.

and if the credentials get correctly matched the hacker gets access to the users’ accounts.

A brute force attack can be used to login into any system which is protected by the user id and password.

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)-

In this type of cyber-attack, the hackers add some malicious code to the backend of the website, to break the website functionality and extract some of the information of the website.

Database Injection –

It is also one of the cyber-attacks which is used by hackers to extract data from the Database of the website.

It is also known as SQL injection; attackers inject the malicious string into the user’s input like in the contact forms or any other input fields.

The code gets saved into the database and starts breaking the website functionality.

Denial of Services (DoS) Attack –

DoS cyber attack denies the main admin access to the website by crashing the website.

This is usually done by sending multiple severe requests to overload the server hence resulting in the crash of the website.

This is mainly done by the multiple computers to make several requests to the servers.

Backdoors –

A backdoor is one of the most dangerous cyber-attacks in this the hackers have a file of code that bypass the WordPress login standards and access the website anytime.

The attackers placed this code file in any file of the WordPress website which makes it difficult for inexperienced users.

Attackers may make variants of the backdoors to access your website by bypassing the login.

Now, let’s see how we can secure our WordPress website from all of these security issues by using some of the WordPress security plugins –

iTheme Security Plugin:


iTheme Security plugin is one of the WordPress best plugins having both free and paid plans. The theme plugin can prevent almost all hacking practices and saves your website from hackers.

iTheme security is very easy and simple to understand as it needs no expertise in the cyber security field. Its onboarding and installation process has been completed within 10 minutes.

It has the template for both the blog and eCommerce website as the eCommerce website needs a different security level from the normal blogging websites.

Security Features of iTheme –

iTheme Security Plugin provides you with several security features that will help you in making your website fully secure –

  • Provides six different security templates, choose according to your website needs such as eCommerce, Networking, Blog, Portfolio, Non-profit, and Brochure.
  • It has a real-time security tracking dashboard which helps you continue seeing the website’s health issues.
  • Enables two-factor Authentication which makes it impenetrable to log in to the system as it adds an extra security layer to the website.
  • You can create a password policy for your users.
  • It also can add reCAPTCHA to your website to make it difficult for the bots to make login attempts frequently.
  • Can block bad users and ban users’ agents with lockout.
  • It Monitors your site security and Health.
  • It gives you website security Utilities such as Enforce SSL, Database backups, and Geolocations.
  • And it also provides advanced security tools such as Hide Login URL, Identifying Server IPs, changing database prefixes, and many more.

Wordfence Security Plugin


Wordfence is also one of the best WordPress plugins which has free and paid versions. It provides you with the endpoints firewall and malware scanner that was built from the group up to protect WordPress.

Thread defense arm feed helps comes up with the newest firewall rules, malware signatures, and malicious IP addresses it needs to keep your website safe.

It gives you every feature which is needed by one of the WordPress websites to be secure and safe.

Security Features of Wordfence –

  • It gives the feature of a WordPress firewall which identifies and blocks malicious traffic from the web.
  • An integrated malware scanner blocks the malicious requests which are coming from unwanted sources.
  • Protection from brute force attacks by limiting login attempts to your WordPress website.
  • Provides with WordPress security scanner which scans the theme, plugins, bad URLs, backdoors, and code injections to the WordPress website and makes them secure and safe.
  • Login Security comes with the features of Two-factor authentication, Login Captcha which stops login from the bots.
  • Security Tools such as Live monitor trackers, Block attackers by IP address, and many more features.

All In One WP Security Plugin –

All In One Security Plugin

All in One WP Security plugin is a 100 % free plugin that comes with versatile features which add extra security layers to your WordPress website.

It comes with the features of a malware scanner, login protection, spamming comments, and monitoring of the website for vulnerability.

It also gives database backup features and firewall protection to the website.

Security Features of All In One WP Security –

  • Provides user account security features.
  • 100 % free plugin with creating security features.
  • User Login Security such as the brute force attack login attempts.
  • Add Google Captcha to add an extra security layer to your website to forbid bot login attempts.
  • User registration security keeps the user safe.
  • Provides database security.
  • Gives the file system security to protect from backdoor attempts.
  • Blacklist functionality gives the feature to block the user by its IP address.
  • Firewall Functionality is the best feature in the free version of the plugin.
  • Brute force login attempts prevention.
  • Security Scanner for your WordPress website.

WP Cerber Security Plugin:


WP Cerber Security Plugin is a WordPress free and paid plugin which protects the website from hacker attacks, Spam, Trojans, and Malware.

It Mitigates the brute force login attacks from hackers from the login form.

Track user and Bad activity and send email and phone notifications to the owner of the website, so that the owner continuously monitors the website.

Security Features of WP Cerber Security –

Let’s see some of the features of the WP Cerber Security Plugin-

  • It provides the feature to make a limited login attempt from the IP address and subnet.
  • Create Custom Login URL which is the best method to prevent brute-force login attempts.
  • Cerber provides anti-spam engines which protect the login and registration forms.
  • It Permits or restricts access by IP Access Lists with a single IP, IP range, or subnet.
  • It gives the feature of Two-factor authentication to WordPress.
  • Cerber monitors the file changes and deletes files and reports them by giving the notification through email and phone notifications.
  • It Immediately blocks an intruder IP when attempting to log in with a non-existent or prohibited username.
  • It also gives the feature to block the rest of WordPress API completely.

Sucuri Security Plugin:


Sucuri WordPress security plugin is the WordPress plugin that provides extra security to the WordPress website.

This WordPress plugin is free to all WordPress users.

And it gives many features to WordPress users and security also.

Security Features of Sucuri Security –

Let’s see some of the security features which is provided by the Sucuri security plugin-

  • It gives you the feature of security activity auditing.
  • It also gives file integrity monitoring.
  • It provides remote malware scanning.
  • It also gives you the feature of block list monitoring.
  • Security Notifications.
  • It also provides Firewall features.

This is all about the WordPress best Security plugins which make your website secure and safe from hackers or any cyber attacks.

If you guys have any problems or queries regarding WordPress security and protection. You can drop a comment in the comment box.

I hope this article helps you in many ways about understanding website security and how to make our website secure from cyber-attacks.

If you want to make your website extra secure and safe with our services you may also contact us.


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