9 Best WordPress Email Marketing and Newsletter Plugins


Are you want to grow your email list through Email Marketing and Newsletter Plugins, and give notifications about the latest feeds and posts to your users?

Then Email Marketing and Newsletter Plugins are the best solution for all these problems and in this article, we are going to see some of the top 9 Best WordPress Email Marketing and Newsletter Plugins.

Email Marketing plugins make the process of email marketing smooth as they automate the whole process of sending emails to the subscribers.

And managing the email list, which saves lots of time as you don’t need to do all the things manually.

It creates brand awareness and converts your potential visitors into your customers and hence increasing your business.

Now let’s see one by one the best Email marketing and Newsletter plugins for our WordPress website-

1. OptinMonster:


OptinMonster is the best Email marketing and Newsletter plugin that automates the email marketing for your company or website.

It comes with the Pop-up builder and marketing plugin which increases the email subscriber and increases sales and helps in boosting your business.

OptinMonster creates pop-up newsletter subscription forms, spin wheels, beautiful pop-up email campaigns, and many more features.

You can make all these email forms just in a few clicks without wasting much time. You can easily integrate the OptinMonster plugin into your WordPress website.

Features of OptinMonster Plugin:

  • Lightbox pop-up: You can easily create the popup email to grow your list, show the coupons to your visitors, and increase your WooCommerce sales by sending automated emails to your customers.
  • Floating bar pop-ups: by using this feature you can create sticky header pops for showing the website alerts, free shipping notices, sales count-down timer, and many more using the popup builder.
  • Slide-in popups: here you can create the slide-out popups from the bottom of your website for the product of the website so that customers easily don’t get forget to add the product to your cart.
  • Full-Screen welcome mats: By using this feature you can create full-screen popups which decreases the conversion rate of your website.
  • Countdown Timer: for showing the customers that the sale is limited and the urgency of the event to fast conversion of your product.
  • Mobile popups: you can create mobile-specific pops that will only show to mobile users. Hence increases the user experience of the visitors.

2. Constant Contact:


Constant Contact is one of the professional email marketing plugins which helps you connect the constant contact account with your WordPress website.

This marketing tool helps you in sending bulk emails to your customer and helps in building the email list in a very simple way.

You can easily monitor your email campaigns and comes to a better conclusion for a better marketing strategy. In the dashboard, you can check every stat including the rate of open emails and all.

When you install the Constant Contact plugin it asks for the detail of your business and some basic setup which is very easy to integrate with WordPress.

That is why the Constant Contact plugin is one of the best CRM (Customer Relationship Management tools) Which helps in automating email marketing.

Features of Constant Contact:

  • Easy to integrate with WordPress.
  • Create the branded email for your business in one place.
  • You can easily create sign-up forms for your website visitors and established contact relations with emails.
  • Easy customization of the data fields, so that you can collect specific information from your users.
  • You can also create the popup newsletter forms by using the Constant Contact plugin.

3. SendinBlue:


SendinBlue is also one of the best email marketing and Newsletter plugins for small businesses.

It is the official plugin for the SendinBlue company which helps to connect the SendinBlue account with the WordPress website easily without wasting any time.

You can easily create the newsletter using the drag and drop feature of the SendinBlue plugin. It provides responsive email templates for making beautiful emails for customers.

Like other email marketing tool, you can build an email list and automates the process of sending emails, and boost the conversion of your sales.

It shows the result of your email campaign in the dashboard of the SendinBlue, how the campaign is performing and what are the conversion rates.

Features of the SpendinBlue:

  • Subscription forms: you can easily create the subscription form and integrate it with the WordPress website.
  • You can create the contact list so that you can easily manage your email list and send the emails according to the lists.
  • Easily create the marketing campaign using the drag and drop feature from the template library.
  • Mobile-friendly email templates result in high conversion rates and also the opening of emails.
  • Automatic replacement of default SMTP when you use the wp_mail function.
  • You can get the Real-time and exhaustive statistics: delivered, opened, clicked, etc.

4. HubSpot:


HubSpot is another email marketing and newsletter plugin that comes with Customer Relationship Management tools.

It has the many features required for email marketing purposes, here you can create more personalized emails for your subscribers.

HubSpot’s all-in-one plugin allows you to run email marketing campaigns, manage contacts, engage the visitors with live chats and chatbots, add beautiful forms to the page, and many more.

You can see all the stats in the dashboard of HubSpot so that you can make the best strategy for your campaigns.

Features of the HubSpot plugin:

  • Easy integration with the WordPress website.
  • You can use the feature of the live chats and the chatbot.
  • Here you can build the custom forms or link existing forms from your website just in a few minutes.
  • Nurture your leads by sending newsletters and automatic email marketing campaigns.
  • Drag and Drop Email builder so that you can easily make a beautiful email for your customers.
  • You can Automate your email, tracking, and A/B testing.
  • Here you can do CRM, Email Marketing, & Marketing Automation Integrations within your website.

5. Thrive Leads:


Thrive leads is also one of the Email marketing and Newsletter plugin and tool that automates email campaigns.

It provides the builder for your email to design the custom email templates and boost conversions. Like other email marketing tools, it also automates the emailing process and more.

You can make the email list and start sending an automated emails to your subscribers. It allows you A/B testing feature which is one of the best advantages, you can test the strategy and then use the best plan which suits your business.

Features of Thrive Leads:

  • Thrive Leads integrate with all your favorite tools such as the mail chimp, Active Campaign, Infusion soft, and many more.
  • Good technical support if you stick to the technical issues.
  • Provides beautiful templates and designs for your email.
  • Here you can start selling your product, courses, and services in minutes using the studio carts.
  • Automates your email marketing campaigns thus you can save time.
  • In the dashboard of the thriving leads, you can see the report of the newsletter and actionable results with detailed insights.

6. Sumo:


Sumo is one of the powerful tools to grow your email list

It generates conversions as you automatically send emails to your potential customers for the sales offers and hence grow your business rapidly.

According to Sumo, more than 37,000 online businesses use the Sumo plugin to increase their sales and make a profitable business.

It easily gets integrated with the popular email services and helps you to send bulk email Newsletters. Manages your email list so that would easily sort out your potential customers.

Like other email marketing tools, it has a bunch of features that give you all the necessary tools for your email marketing.   

Features of Sumo plugin:

  • Grow your email list with timed popups across your site.
  • You can schedule one-off marketing emails or drips to communicate with your subscriber.
  • Detailed report of ROI from all email subscribers and sales you make.
  • It gives you eCommerce email marketing features so that you can make a separate strategy for your online stores.
  • This plugin is fully secure and SEO-friendly for any kind of website.
  • You will get free customer support.

7. Newsletter:


The newsletter is one of the WordPress free email marketing and Newsletter plugins, which is perfect for list building, you can easily send and track emails within your WordPress dashboard.

It automates email marketing so that you can save your time, and spend it on the strategic part.

Features of the Newsletter plugin:

  • Easy to use Drag and Drop composer to make beautiful Newsletter designs to attract your visitors.
  • You can get unlimited subscribers with proper statistics data and reports.
  • Subscription spam checker so that nobody spams on your website and gives the wrong email addresses.
  • Grow your email list with timed popups across your site
  • Advance targeting with list combinations.
  • You can import the subscribers from your local computer files.

8. MailerLite:


MailerLite is another Email marketing and Newsletter plugin that automates email marketing campaigns.

It grows your Newsletter subscription list from your WordPress blog or website, this plugin automatically integrates with your WordPress forms and starts working.

After installing the plugin, you will become able to add the prebuilt web forms from your MailerLite account or you can create the new form from scratch.

Features of MailerLite Plugin:

  • Easy to add the webforms from the MailerLite to WordPress blog or any other WordPress website.
  • You can create many forms as you want for your website.
  • It saves the subscribers automatically to your MailerLite account.
  • You can place web forms using widgets and shortcodes.

9. MailChimp:


MailChimp is one of the most popular Email marketing and Newsletter plugins and tools which boost the business’s email marketing.

This plugin helps you build your email list by using the feature of the newsletters and many features which is required in email marketing.

Here you can create the good-looking opt-in forms or you can integrate the previous forms with the existing forms on your website.

Features of the MailChimp:

  • You can easily connect with your MailChimp account in a few seconds.
  • Create good-looking and user-friendly Sign-In forms which are fully optimized for mobile.
  • MailChimp easily integrates with a number of plugins such as contact form 7, WooCommerce, Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms 3, WPForms, Ultimate member, and many more.
  • Mailchimp is a newsletter service that allows you to send out email campaigns to a list of email subscribers.

Final Words:

These are some of the best WordPress Email marketing and newsletter plugins which will boost your business profit.

And build a good Customer relationship through automated emails and alerts.

You would like to know How to backup a WordPress website.

Hope this article helps you in finding the best Email marketing plugins for your business, and if you have any queries related to email marketing then drop a comment in the comment box.

We’ll delight to help you.

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