5 Best WordPress Support Forum Plugins


In this article, we are going to see the best WordPress Forum Plugins which help you in making the community.

If you want to make the health community boost the user’s engagement with your website. Wants to listen to their views and idea then it is the best idea to make the forum on the WordPress website.

This community will boost your business growth as more and more people will start engaging in your forum.

So you are on the right page, here are going to discuss the best forum plugins.

The forum has the basic feature as well as question and answer, social networking, private chats, and many more as you want to have your dream forum looks like.

Why to WordPress Forum Plugins:

Making a forum on your WordPress website engages the visitors to participate in the Question and Answers, exchange information, Discuss the topics and increase awareness.

Top Queries start ranking on the search engine and hence boost the website traffic makes the people aware of the top questions.

Helps in getting the answers from the top expert people of the community.

For WordPress users, it becomes easier as there are the top best WordPress forum plugins available that help in creating the forum.

Forums have many uses as the visitors participate in the forum and engage with the content and also suggested to their friends and family.

One of the best use of the forum is that people start posting their problems and some of the users also posted the right answer. Sometimes the moderator also posted the correct answer on the forum.

So when some customer or user visited the website for a query then there are always those questions and answers posted by the previous users.

And this way the whole community get benefited.

It also gives you the SEO benefit as some of the top queries start ranking on the google search page.

Here are the Top 5 Best WordPress plugins which help you in creating the forum in your WordPress website.



If you are looking for a timeless, elegant, and streamlined discussion board then bbPress is one of the best options as WordPress forum plugins.

bbPress is built in such a way that it is very easy to integrate with the WordPress website, easy to use, and easy to scale with your growing community.

This plugin is popular for its simplicity of use and yet very powerful software.

bbPress is the open-source software contributed by the WordPress developer community.

Anyone can easily make a forum with the help of the bbPress WordPress plugin and easily maintain it.

Features of bbPress plugin-

  • Works great simple and fast and easy to get a nice design with the free plugin bbPress style pack.
  • It is easy to integrate with the WordPress website.
  • More than 200 extensions are available for bbPress to extend its features.
  • It is a free and open-source plugin so that you can use it unlimitedly without paying a single penny.
  • Here you create multiple forums and maintain them all in a single dashboard.
  • bbPress is powerful and it integrates well with BuddyPress.
  • It is a fast and light weighted plugin.



BuddyPress is one of the best WordPress forum plugins.

It is a modern, robust, Sophisticated social network platform and comes with the great features of a social network.

And you can add on the other plugin with this plugin to extend its feature and make your dream community.

BuddyPress is focused on ease of integration, ease of use, and extensibility. It is deliberately powerful yet unbelievably simple social network software, built by contributors to WordPress.

Register members can communicate in groups, have private chats, social media integration, and create user profiles.

Features of BuddyPress:

  • It is open-source software and absolutely free to use.
  • It is very beginner-friendly and anyone can easily integrate with the WordPress website and make it a forum.
  • You can easily make a social network community with this plugin.
  • Make the private chat threads by using BuddyPress.
  • Easily integrate with other plugins and extensions.
  • Members can create their own profiles on the forums.

WP Symposium Pro:


WP Symposium Pro is the ultimate social networking plugin that provides many features which are best for the forums.

With the help of this, you can create your own social networking website on your WordPress website.

By using this plugin you can create any type of social networking site or forum. Whether it is a Club, School, Interest group, Engaging with customers, Dating sites, gaming sites, and many more.

You can make any of the community websites as you want, and easily manage all of the forums in a single dashboard.

Features of WP Symposium Pro:

  • This is free to use and anyone can install this plugin on their website.
  • Register visitors can chat privately in their chat rooms.
  • Users can create their profile in the forum and add the wallpaper to the profile.
  • Compatible with the themes and plugins.
  • Extra extensions are available that add extra features to your forum.
  • “WP Symposium Pro” is open-source software.
  • This plugin is highly customizable and rich in features.

Simple:Press :


Simple:Press is also a forum plugin that comes with many features.

It brings enterprise-class forum capabilities to your WordPress website. It is easy to integrate with other plugins and themes and extends the functionality of the forum.

Simple:Press plugin comes with both the premium and the free version, which you can use according to your need.

Using Simple:Press you can create unlimited forums, forum groups, sub-forums, and public and private forums on the WordPress website using Simple:Press plugin.

You can also import data from the other forums and also from the other plugin forums into the Simple:Press forums.

Unlike other Forum plugins, all of Simple:Press’s features are built and supported by one organization – no need to contact multiple vendors when you need support for a feature!

Features of Simple:Press forum Plugin:

  • Easy to integrate with the WordPress website.
  • Can create unlimited Forums on the Website.
  • You can create the private and the public group using the Simple:Press forum plugin.
  • Gives custom icons for each forum, so that you can easily identify the particular forums on your website.
  • Gives the feature of locking the forums.
  • Gives the feature of the pin to the forums.
  • Simple:Press crates the SEO-friendly permalinks which are best for the SEO factor.
  • It gives the feature to create a sub-forum on your WordPress website.

wpForo Forum:


wpForo Forum is one of the best forum plugins.

This plugin is fully fledged with features and is also very lightweight and fast. It comes with a modern design and style.

wpForo Forum plugin comes with the great feature you can create a beautiful forum full of functionality and make a professional community.

Where the users can engage and post their questions and get the answer to their questions. These forums are powerful and have unique features.

wpForo forum plugin is well integrated with many Profile Builder and Membership plugins, such as BuddyPress and Ultimate Members plugins.

After adding this plugin the functionality of the forum get increased and may lead to good traffic which boosts the SEO of your website.

wpForo Forum plugin offers some of the paid ads on features which is increased by paying some of the amounts to the wpForo forum and this will increase the features of the forum.

Features of the wpForo Forum Plugin:

  • It is very simple to integrate with the WordPress website.
  • Muti-Board: It gives the feature of creating multiple forums on the same website.
  • Provide the features of the multi-language support system in the Forums.
  • Provide the feature of multi-layout in the forum.
  • wpForo Forum plugin is basically designed for small and large communities.
  • Migrate from other forums using the Go2wpForo tool.
  • It provides you with the four forum layout and designs for forums.
  • Fully responsive on all the devices which makes it better as most of the users are now using mobiles.
  • It provides the feature of live notification features to the forum website.
  • It is a fully SEO-friendly forum.
  • Built-in forum Antispam and Akismet integration.
  • It gives users to build advanced forum user profiles on the website.
  • It gives the topic tags and tags widgets in the forum so that it makes it easier to search for particular topics.

Final Words:

There are some of the WordPress best forum plugins, If you are trying to make the community or forum on your website then you should try this top plugin.

As the forum has lots of features and more users come on the website and start posting questions. To handle all this load you definitely need the best WordPress hosting.

So choose the best hosting provider such as the Blue Host and SiteGround hostings.

Hope you will now make the best online community and help people to solve their problems.

And If you have any queries regarding making the Forum website then feel free to drop a comment in the comment box.

Or you can contact us for any kind of WordPress-related issues.



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